Return Policy for Inflatable Globes, Balloons and other Inflatable Products

For numerous reasons, we do not accept returns for the inflatable products. We fully test all our Giant and Gigantic inflatable Vinyl Globes and Balloons thoroughly before they are shipped out to our customers. We leave them inflated for a full 72 hours to make sure there are no leaks or punctures, before we package them, so we are certain that there are no leaks when they are shipped out from our facility. We also label the outside of the box with a cautionary note to be very careful when cutting open the package. Please personally oversee the opening of the shipping box yourself to make sure it is carefully opened, as well as oversee the procedures used to blow up the balloon, making sure to unfold the balloon only in room temperatures or above. Please read completely the very thorough instructions that come with the balloon, making sure that the filling of the balloon is done responsibility and carefully with no sharp objects near the balloon and making sure that the balloon is not overfilled. The globes are very durable and strong, but they can puncture and they can also pop if overfilled. We do include a strong clear vinyl patch with instructions, in case you accidentally or unknowingly puncture the balloon. The patch can be cut up to a smaller size to cover the puncture and once you put on the patch, the globe is as good as new.

So if you purchase any inflatable product from our website, please be aware it CANNOT be returned, exchanged or refunded for any reason.

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